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Welcome to Chaitanya Homoeocare

“Homoeopathy is the most accurate science tailored for every individual, giving permanent results”.

Welcome to Chaitanya Homoeocare

Homeopathy and the modern world.

Greetings from Chaitanya Homoeocare!

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In our day to day activities ,we are so stressed mentally and physically,that disturbs our Vital force.In today’s jet speed life,we need a science that heals the vital force within you in the most natural way giving you the best version of yourself!

So experience the science of Homoeopathy from Chaitanya Homoeocare and heal yourself mentally and physically!

Experience the science of homoeopathy with us & heal yourself mentally and physically!

Choosing Chaitanya Homoeocare

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Chaitanya Homoeocare has been healing families for last 20 years in the most GENTLE, RAPID AND


Homoeopathy always gives you rapid results ,in contradiction to the myth that it takes a lot amount of time to treat diseases.


Homoeopathy is the most gentle form of treatment ,as it has no side effects, can easily be consumed by infants, pregnant and lactating women too. Also the drug proving is done on healthy humans and not on animals ,so cruelty free.


Homoeopathy always gives you rapid results ,in contradiction to the myth that it takes a lot amount of time to treat diseases.

Our Services

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Over 20 Years of Expertise

HOMOEOCARE stands tall for curing cases of the most varied form of illnesses for 2 decades.

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It is the most gentle, scientific, safe branch of medicine used widely all over the world.

 It is works on the wholistic approach of a person that is all complaints related to mind, body are taken as a whole. Vital force is the core of all living beings, if there is any disharmony in any level of the vital force it leads to physical and mental complaints.

Homoeopathy was first discovered by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann a German physician around two hundred years back. Homoeopathy has evolved over these years, many new and interesting remedies added, helping to cure many modern times induced illnesses.

“SimiliaSimilibusCurrenter” means “Like cures like”.

It is based on the above principle, where a remedy is selected based on individualization, which is the remedy which is most similar to you and your complaints is given for a rapid, gentle, yet complete powerful cure.

Yes!  Yes! …

Safe with no side-effects!

It can be given from infant, babies, children, teenagers, men, women, pregnant/ lactating women, old people too!

Success Stories

vidya khanapure
vidya khanapure
I have been visiting Dr. Shraddha for my entire family’s treatment for various health complaints and always received best of health care. Her medicine specifically treating short term anxiety has given quick relief. I have observed that her diagnosis is accurate and the medicine she gives is highly effective. Thank you doctor.
Sayali Shenwai
Sayali Shenwai
We have been going to Dr. Shraddha for many years now, each time for a different concern, and every time we have had successful results. Recently, we had consulted Dr. Shraddha for my 6 year old for motion sickness. After about a month long treatment, he can now travel long distances without much trouble. Bonus is when he loves the medicines and asks for them himself!!! Thank you so much doctor, not just for helping us feel better but also for being a wonderful human.
Gaurang Sali
Gaurang Sali
I have been coming to Dr. Wartikar since last 2 years and each time she was able to diagnose my issue properly. Every time within 2 days of taking her medication my health conditions have improved.
Smita Raina
Smita Raina
My dad has lung issues due to which he used to cough a lot. So much so that evening during winters after a bout of cough he would sweat a lot and was taking medicines for a while. Somehow wasent working much. That’s when we decided to try out Homeo and started taking treatment of Dr Shraddha Wartikar. It’s been less than 6 months and he has almost stopped coughing. We are very happy with the treatment and would definitely recommend her. Thanks a lot doc.
Gauri Tendulkar
Gauri Tendulkar
Dr. Shraddha Wartikar is an excellent doctor. She cured my seasonal allergic rhinitis with homeopathic treatment. She takes the time to understand full history and symptoms in great detail. Her diagnosis is perfect. She makes her patient comfortable, explains what to expect during the course of treatment and offers appropriate advice to be followed. I would highly recommend Dr. Shraddha for chronic ailments or any health issues.
I’ll gv 10/10 for Shraddha. She amazing both as a Dr. As well as a person. I am relieved of all issues related to acidity. Thank you so much Dr. Shraddha. She is very calm patient and is easy to connect and relate. I v happy and satisfied with her treatment. Highly recommend.
Bhavana Rao Mitra
Bhavana Rao Mitra
Mugdha Kundalkar
Mugdha Kundalkar
Due to Dr Shraddha’s accurate diagnosis , timely guidance and her medicine management my foot cellulitis infection got under control and got cured. I was so stressed and in pain but her medicine did magic. Very lucky to get treatment from Dr.Shraddha. A wonderful doctor and wonderful human being . All thanks to Dr. Shraddha.
Anshul Sharma
Anshul Sharma
Dr. Shraddha is highly professional with excellent command to cure the chronic cases like bronchitis, Asthma, Hyper Acidity etc. We visited Dr. Shraddha for my Daughter’s Bronchitis problem, she would cough endlessly during change in season, she took the medicine for 3 months, it not only gave her relief but also helped build her immunity. I highly recommend Dr. Shraddha for chronic and acute problems.

Homeopathy is safe

Homeopathy is the safest form of system giving you permanent results without any side-effects. It is safe for all ages right from infants to old age groups. it is even safe for pregnant and lactating women.

Fast Acting

It is a common myth that Homoeopathy takes a long time to give results, in fact if you visit a Homoeopath as early as you start with your complaints, you get best results. From colics, injuries, headaches, Asthmatic attacks, homeopathic medicine do wonder.

Immunity booster

Homeopathy is an immune booster therapy, as your body is not exposed to harmful chemicals in the name of medicines, all homeopathic medicines are derived from natural sources, so they are easily accepted by the body, giving you curative results.

Celebrate Success

Come join the Chaitanya Homoeocare family of patients, who have shared their success stories by curing from their ailments by our medicines, become disease free by having our treatment and have a healthy and a happy life.

What can you expect in an appointment with Chaitanya Homoeocare?

Firstly, you will be able to express your complaints in a calm environment, all your complaints will be confidential, so please express yourself without any inhibitions. You will be categorized based on an acute (complaints since few days) or chronic (complaints since many days or months) complaints.

An acute case -taking lasts for 15 mins or more, your complaints, thirst, appetite, thermals would be noted, the remedy would be given based on your complaints. A chronic case-taking takes an extensive study of you and your complaints like your past medical history, your lifestyle, eating habits, temperament etc. It requires around 40 mins to 1 hour for the study, remedy is given on this basis.

In our day-to-day activities, we are so stressed mentally and physically, that disturbs our Vital force. In today’s jet speed life, we need a science that heals the vital force within you in the most natural way giving you the best version of yourself! So experience the science of homoeopathy from Chaitanya homoeocare and heal yourself mentally and physically!

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