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CHAITANYA HOMOEOCARE is been “HEALING FAMILIES” for last 20 years.Treating all kinds of illnesses in the most gentle way giving a permanent cure. The best part is 90% of our patients are referred by our treated and cured patients.

Homoeopathy is a dynamic, holistic, scientific system of medicine based on “The Law of Similia”. Which means, “Like Cures Like”.Lets make it simple for you to understand  how it works…For example, if a person is suffering  from fever , the potentised  dose  will work in such a way that it will cause a medicinal fever which will  totally annihilate the fever due to disease and  lead to a total cure with a healthy body.

Homoeopathy was  first introduced by Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, a  German physician.During his time , there was a lot of criticism against Homoeopathy, but due to his contemplated  effort, Homoeopathy could see the sunshine of today..

Before you begin a homoeopathic  treatment, it is a very significant criteria that  you should have a firm belief in the science which is going to cure you.. There are few  about Homoeopathy  that could hinder or cause a dilemma about the science..

Choosing Chaitanya Homoeocare

20 Years of Experience

Chaitanya Homoeocare is been treating patients for last 20 years giving best results.

All life stages are treated

Chaitanya Homoeocare treats all the ages groups giving permanent results,fromtoddlers,teenagers,adults to oldage

Safe medicines

Chaitanya Homoeocare uses the best company medicines that are safe ,giving no side effects to patients.

Animal cruelty free medicines used.

All homoeopathic medicines are proven on healthy humans,so all of them are animal cruelty free.

Kid friendly medicines and treatment

The medicines are given in sweet globules,which make all our patients,especially kids love taking medicines without any tantrums.

Online consultation

available to extend treatment to a large scale of people.

About me...

Hi!  This is Dr. Shraddha Wartikar, a practicing Homeopath for 20 years. When I was an aspiring student, I always had a passion for the field of medicine, completed my B. H. M. S.  Degree from A. M. Shaikh Homoeopathic medical College Belagavi, Karnataka (affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi University of health sciences). My mission is to treat my patients in a most gentle way with no side effects giving a permanent cure.

During my clinical practice have treated cases of Anxiety, A. D. H. D., Allergic states, Eczema, Respiratory illnesses ,Gastric complaints like Acidity, Piles etc., Joint complaints like Rheumatoid arthritis, Gout, Osteoarthritis, Skin issues like Acne, Eczema, Urticaria, Warts, Corns  etc., Pediatric issues like behavior issues, bed-wetting, autism, rhinitis, reduced appetite, Geriatric issues(old age)  like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s, Insomnia, etc.

Apart from treating patients at my clinic, I do conduct free health camps for Chinmay Mission, Belagavi. Other than my passion for Homoeopathy, I love to read, paint, dance, and practice Yoga.

A supportive family always makes you achieve your dreams. My husband, my son and my furry son Simba always motivate me each day to rise with a smile.

Social Contributions

  • Attached to Chinmay Mission Belgaum, monthly free health camps till date.
  • Free health camps for “AaplaGhar, an orphanage at Warje, Pune.
  • Free health camps for the underprevilaged children, held by AshwiniJaptiwale TrustKoothrud Pune.
  • Worked as a Homoeopathic Consultant at Bulchand Charitable Trust East street, Camp, Pune, treated cases of Infertility, Fibroids, Dysphasia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Haemiplagia, Cervical Spondylosis, Schizophrenia, OCD, Epilepsy etc.

Success Stories

vidya khanapure
vidya khanapure
I have been visiting Dr. Shraddha for my entire family’s treatment for various health complaints and always received best of health care. Her medicine specifically treating short term anxiety has given quick relief. I have observed that her diagnosis is accurate and the medicine she gives is highly effective. Thank you doctor.
Sayali Shenwai
Sayali Shenwai
We have been going to Dr. Shraddha for many years now, each time for a different concern, and every time we have had successful results. Recently, we had consulted Dr. Shraddha for my 6 year old for motion sickness. After about a month long treatment, he can now travel long distances without much trouble. Bonus is when he loves the medicines and asks for them himself!!! Thank you so much doctor, not just for helping us feel better but also for being a wonderful human.
Gaurang Sali
Gaurang Sali
I have been coming to Dr. Wartikar since last 2 years and each time she was able to diagnose my issue properly. Every time within 2 days of taking her medication my health conditions have improved.
Smita Raina
Smita Raina
My dad has lung issues due to which he used to cough a lot. So much so that evening during winters after a bout of cough he would sweat a lot and was taking medicines for a while. Somehow wasent working much. That’s when we decided to try out Homeo and started taking treatment of Dr Shraddha Wartikar. It’s been less than 6 months and he has almost stopped coughing. We are very happy with the treatment and would definitely recommend her. Thanks a lot doc.
Gauri Tendulkar
Gauri Tendulkar
Dr. Shraddha Wartikar is an excellent doctor. She cured my seasonal allergic rhinitis with homeopathic treatment. She takes the time to understand full history and symptoms in great detail. Her diagnosis is perfect. She makes her patient comfortable, explains what to expect during the course of treatment and offers appropriate advice to be followed. I would highly recommend Dr. Shraddha for chronic ailments or any health issues.
I’ll gv 10/10 for Shraddha. She amazing both as a Dr. As well as a person. I am relieved of all issues related to acidity. Thank you so much Dr. Shraddha. She is very calm patient and is easy to connect and relate. I v happy and satisfied with her treatment. Highly recommend.
Bhavana Rao Mitra
Bhavana Rao Mitra
Mugdha Kundalkar
Mugdha Kundalkar
Due to Dr Shraddha’s accurate diagnosis , timely guidance and her medicine management my foot cellulitis infection got under control and got cured. I was so stressed and in pain but her medicine did magic. Very lucky to get treatment from Dr.Shraddha. A wonderful doctor and wonderful human being . All thanks to Dr. Shraddha.
Anshul Sharma
Anshul Sharma
Dr. Shraddha is highly professional with excellent command to cure the chronic cases like bronchitis, Asthma, Hyper Acidity etc. We visited Dr. Shraddha for my Daughter’s Bronchitis problem, she would cough endlessly during change in season, she took the medicine for 3 months, it not only gave her relief but also helped build her immunity. I highly recommend Dr. Shraddha for chronic and acute problems.

A Natural way of improving your health.

Welcome to Chaitanya Homoeocare.

In our day-to-day activities, we are so stressed mentally and physically, that disturbs our Vital force. In today’s jet speed life, we need a science that heals the vital force within you in the most natural way giving you the best version of yourself! So experience the science of homoeopathy from Chaitanya homoeocare and heal yourself mentally and physically!

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